Physical Theater for the Curious Actor/Dancer/Performer
Galiana and Nikolchev
Thursday, Jan 5 2017
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
$15 Register


*the last class before summer break will be May 25
Honesty is our goal, and we aim to capture this “truth” on stage through the presence of the performer. Presence is obtained as a consequence of action without inhibition. Action as a Boundary Concept – similar to an asymptote striving for but never reaching its absolute point – is an unattainable pure state of presence, in which the performer perpetually strives towards action that exactly encompasses the need at any given moment. Pure Form – a concept defined by Stanislaw Witkacy – elevates the artist’s work to be of itself the goal, achieving a metaphysical alignment with the need of creation. We strive for such using the body as the performer’s entrance point.
Our workshops will introduce performers to a disciplined and rigorous approach to the performer’s expression through physical action, listening and presence. Participants will develop tools towards broadening the body’s ability to perceive their performer’s needs, and communicate such without unintentional filters, giving the performer utmost choice in how a need is physically communicated on stage – this is not pantomime, nor tautology. Participants will also develop a self-criticism to always push for greater and more specific physical articulation, and by always exploring, one’s presence will be focused on specific tasks leaving no room for pretence but resulting in honesty on stage. General strength, flexibility, articulation, awareness and dexterity will be tantamount to the conceptual learning.