Pieter Community Check-In
Saturday, Nov 14 2020
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
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This check-in falls on the second Saturday of November as we postponed the original meeting date in light of last week’s news and events. Click HERE to view meeting agenda notes!



The Pieter Community Check-In aims to formalize conversations and action items that the Pieter community wishes to engage in outside of the class, workshop, and performance setting. A group that meets monthly give feedback and provide updates on community projects, Pieter Community Check-In will hold space as an anchor for communications and connections amongst the Pieter community.



We invite YOU! to join us in this discussion, to listen, to bring your ideas or to simply come by and see some familiar faces. Due to current circumstances, Pieter Community Check-In will be held online to ensure the safety of all attending. We will be holding check-ins on Zoom every First Saturday of each month. 



We have seen how fruitful group discussions have been to generate ideas of how the people of Pieter wish to continue to shape and evolve our ecosystem together. Pieter Community Check-In is made up of everyone who attends and wishes to be heard. There is no formal application or positions, it is here to hold clock time and space for community to gather and organize.



If you have any questions, please email Alexsa Durrans, durrans.alexsa@gmail.com 

Photo by Minden Pictures