Pieter Holiday Concert
Saturday, Dec 17 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Saturday December 17


Please join us for our first Pieter Holiday Concert featuring short performances from the teachers and students of:

Taught by Devika Wickremesinghe, Pieterlates is a place to share our knowledge and deepen our practice. To move and prepare to move more. We will “work-out”, I will try out my hippie imagery and say the things I can’t in a traditional class, curse and laugh and ask questions. We will do the tiny exercises your PT told you to do every morning that you think are too boring but will help a lot, with humor and support. Strengthen, lengthen, tone, all that shit. Bring your special requests and injuries too.

Monday Morning Class
MMC is an opportunity to take class with a rotating roster of dance artists with divergent practices and points of view organized/curated by Myrrhia Rodriguez.
The 2016 Fall Cycle included teaching artists Tom Tsai, Alex Mathews, Robyn Nisbet, Yanina Orellana, Odeya Nini, Alfonso Cervera, Patty Huerta and Samad Guerra

House Dance
House music started after the disco era and has its roots in the warehouse clubs of Chicago and New York. House dancing is the social / spiritual dance derived from Afro-Caribbean movements to urban Hip Hop inspired expressions. This class will introduce foundation steps to feel the rhythm of House music. Our goal is to help develop each student’s expressive vocabularies and self awareness with the music. Organized by Emiko Sugiyama, the class is currently taught by Moncell Durden.

Capoeira Angola
The Angoleiros Los Angeles (Capoeira Angola) Circle is a group training the art form- both music and movement–at Pieter since 2011, taught by Janine Lim, Jason Venzor, and Minna Guillermo. Emphasizing balance and grace in the physical game and deep exploration in the playing of music, all people are welcome to join. 

The Feldenkrais Method
Unwind, Integrate & Discover with an evening of Awareness Through Movement® with Allison Linamen and Georgia Junker. Awareness Through Movement® is a unique movement-based somatic class. Each lesson is carefully constructed so that the student can find her/his way without hurry or force. The student explores new pathways of movement, finding more ease, comfort and improved organization. The method promotes intrinsic learning and self-discovery. Everyone is welcome.

Cunningham Technique
Cunningham Technique is a rigorous class based on the traditional
structure and exercises developed by Merce Cunningham to train his dancers for his
company. The class emphasizes rhythmical accuracy, clarity of form, coordination
of torso and legwork, and development of virtuosity. Merce Cunningham’s
choreography inspires this highly technical class and will be incorporated into the movement phrases. Class is taught by Tamsin Carlson.

and Physical Theater
Honesty  is our goal, and we aim to capture this “truth” on stage through the presence of the performer. Presence is obtained as a consequence of action without inhibition. Action as a Boundary Concept – similar to an asymptote striving for but never reaching its absolute point – is an unattainable pure state of presence, in which the performer perpetually strives towards action that exactly encompasses the need at any given moment. Pure Form – a concept defined by Stanislaw Witkacy – elevates the artist’s work to be of itself the goal, achieving a metaphysical alignment with the need of creation. We strive for such using the body as the performer’s entrance point. Taught by Gema Galiana and Anthony Nikolchev.
Family and friends are welcome as we celebrate the end of our 2016 class cycle and before we go on break for winter holidays!
Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE BAR (cider and wine to mull on our hotplate, hot chocolate, also for our hotplate, holiday cookies, dancer snacks) or FREE BOUTIQUE (a vacuum cleaner, desk chair, warm layers, dance books, picture frames)

photo by Jmy Kidd, image assembled by Adee Roberson and keyon gaskin

Please Park on the Street.

Supported in part by the Center for Cultural Innovation’s Los Angeles Creative Economic Development Fund