PieterPAM Presents: Nickels Sunshine // “Oh, there you are”
Saturday, Nov 7 2015
8:30 PM - 11:30 PM

Saturday November 7, 8:30pm at Pieter 

Nickels Sunshine // “Oh, there you are”

I remember twisting, his body, a rag-
wrung out. Dirty water released.
And I remember feeling that release magnified
in time suspended. Where did the time go?
I remember longing, forgetting
and remembering-flashes of former lovers
and breakfast tables. Skin and teeth. -Nickels Sunshine

PieterPAM presents

Oh, there you are, a dance set within an installation by Nickels Sunshine. This work was developed during the 2015 WAC/D Hothouse Residency at UCLA and at PAM Residencies. These performances are jointly presented by Pieter and PAM

at PAM: 

October 28th and 29th at 8:30pm

October 30th at 8:30 and 10:00pm 

RSVP for PAM only:


A 5-10$  suggested donation is greatly appreciated at the door.

at Pieter
(420 West Avenue 33, Unit 10. 90031)

November 7th at 8:30pm

Admission to Pieter is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique. Suggested items include: Natural dishwashing and cleaning supplies, unscented laundry detergent, 2011-2013 macbook pro power cable, foam rollers, dancer snacks (apples, jars of nut butter, nuts), nice vacuum for the studio, gaff tape in any color, pens, markers, printer paper for the studio, tea, art/dance books for our library, beers.

Nickels Sunshine is a Los Angeles-based performer absorbed in creating a holistic and embodied understanding of place, history, and otherness. Nickels has collaborated with Jmy James Kidd, Rafa Esparza, Julie Tolentino, Johanna Hedva, and Gerard & Kelly

Please park on the street.  

Pieter Performance Images by Lisa Wahlander