Alfonso Cervera
Saturday, Mar 25 2017
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Poc-Chuc consists of a series of choreographic works intended to merge ballet folklorico and modern dance in order to articulate a multi-layered form of contemporary dance. It is important to recognize that Poc-Chuc does not only rely on these dance forms to create a conversation of movement, but explores how techniques of sociality and materiality play a vital role when dance traditions merge.
As the work also stems from an auto-biographical embodied experience, my research does not intend to portray an authentic form of ballet folklorico or modern dance, but rather, a project that dissects both dance traditions in order to explore what it means to be a bicultural body that negotiates the relationships between machismo, labor, homoeroticism, and Mexican-American identity.


The excerpt performed today will culminate in an evening-length dance performance that will showcase my research as a queer Mexican-American male dancer-choreographer that relies on my own cultural embodied memory informed by my relation to histories of family, folklorico communities, and modern dance practice. The dates of the evening length work will take place at the University of California, Riverside on May 4th, 5th, and 6th. The time is still TBD.


Poc-Chuc features music by Jeff Zahos and performances by Rebekah Johnson, Hyoin Jun, Joseph Lister, Elizabeth Villalobos and Ariel Green-Hill.


Alfonso Cervera is a second-year M.F.A. student in Experimental Choreography at the University of California, Riverside, where he has received the Dean’s Distinguished Fellowship Award and the M.F.A. Fellowship Award. Cervera’s interest and research as a choreographer draw from his experiences as a Folklórico dancer and the entanglement that has made in his practice of Contemporary movement. He currently invests his time being a performer and collaborator with his peers Rosa Rodriguez-Frazier, Irvin Gonzalez, and Patty Huerta in Primera Generación Dance Collective, where they share similar artistic interests in the Mexican-American identity and the exposure of the desmadre (messiness). Cervera has had various opportunities to showcase his independent work and collaborative work at the Culver Center of the Arts; Field Studies in New York; FLACC (Festival of Latin Contemporary Choreographers) in San Francisco, La Pena in Berkeley; BRAVA Ballet Arts in Riverside; Lux Boreal’s 4 x 4 in Tijuana, Mexico; The Bootleg Theater; REDCAT Center for Contemporary Arts; Brockus Project Studio; Highways Performance Space; 2016 American College Dance Festival; homeLA and the ARC. Cervera continues his practice as a performer and mover as he partakes in dance companies like Ballet Folklórico Grandeza Mexicana, WXPT under taisha paggett, Intersect Dance Theatre with Sofia Carreras, WHAT Dance Theatre under Julie Satow Freeman and is currently in collaboration with Hyoin Jun and Nina Waisman.