Post-Capitalism Ball
Curated by Martabel Wasserman
Sunday, Sep 22 2019
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or FREE boutique Register

“Capitalism will fall / then we will have a ball” – Chant from Oakland Teachers Strike, 2019 




The chant from the recent wave of teacher strikes across the United States lends itself to imaging what a ball, in the queer sense of the word, might look like after capitalism. What can we craft from the debris and damage of our current economic system and what can queer cultures afford us in this process of imagining new worlds? How can we rework ideas of the nature/culture binary to sustain not only life but life as a queer affect? How will humans and non-humans recreate the aesthetics of survival after the world as we know it is over? 



In the queer spirit of turning melancholy and mourning into fantastical resistance and reimaginings of the world, The Post-Capitalism Ball will be reading/ball performative extravaganzza. Punctuating this post-apocalyptic performance art fashion show, writers who have have imagined the end of days, co-creating new worlds with the non-human, and queer aesthetics in the face of climate death will read. 



Vanessa Olivarez will be providing plant-based sweets and treats by donation, and additionally the event will include Land + Sea nail salon by Xiaowei Wang . As a nail salon, Land and Sea uses the intimate, confessional qualities of a nail salon to facilitate grounded conversations about climate change in a safe space. By performing the labor of care, they go beyond the existing discourses of climate change that are filled with rhetorics of risk, militarism, guilt and fear, all of which makes action against climate change deeply difficult. All of the nail polish is non-toxic and eco-friendly, custom made and mixed. The colors of Land and Sea’s nail polish reflect the colors of our changing earth under climate change. At the Land and Sea nail salon, visitors can can get manicures based on the different IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) projections.




Partipants include:


Katherine Agard, Michelle Antonisse, Charmaine Bee, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Sam Cohen, Dulce Soledad Ibarra, Johnny Forever Nawracaj, Eliza Swann and members of the Golden Dome School, Xiaowei Wang and Martabel Wasserman