Wednesday, Jun 16 2010
7:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Anna Oxygen, The Finches, Festa L’Animale, janet pants

Festa L’Animale is songs sung and danced on, over and through .  Inside the walls of drum kits, guitars, loop pedals, and microphones – Jane Paik and Geoff Soule shake the moves, make the sounds, and  keep the beat.

Often hailed as a pioneer in bringing experimental modern dance to the underground music scene, Jane Paik began producing works under the name Janet Pants in 1997.  In 2001 she founded the Leg and Pants Dans Theeatre which released the dance DVD Starter Set on Kill Rock Stars. She has toured and played with bands such as Deerhoof, Liars, Erase Errata, and The Blow and has most recently collaborated with Explode Into Colors for the 2009 TBA Festival performance “Eyes, Hands, Mouth.”