Practicing Performance
Ros Warby
Wednesday, Aug 1 2018
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
$20-30 sliding scale Register

This workshop exposes the dancer to choreographic and performance tools that expand and enhance their potential as both performer and choreographer.




Dancers will be encouraged to eliminate attachment to prescribed techniques or choreographic approaches and invite the body to undo any pre-conceived notions of what dance is, without abandoning ones history in dance, thereby creating a chance for the dancer to express a complex and indefinable range of experience through the humor, intelligence and emotional engagement of the dancing body.



This work challenges the dancer to wake up and notice what it is they are doing in their dance, compositionally and perceptually. This shift in attention aims to stimulate the intelligence of the dancer, and, in turn, elevate their level of engagement in both performance and dance making. During the class you will be introduced to various performance and choreographic tools whilst dancing in open practice. Dancers will be directed to notice compositional possibilities whilst dancing – being able to operate as both dancer and choreographer simultaneously.






Ros Warby is a leading Australian solo dancer/choreographer. Her award winning works have been presented throughout Australia, Europe and the USA including the 2010 Venice Biennale, Dance Umbrella, Royal Opera House London, and Melbourne and Adelaide International Arts Festivals. Warby’s choreographic work focus’ on the practice of performance and the creation of an elaborate interplay between the elements of dance, film, music, sound and light, crafting a dialogue where they coexist in a manner rarely achieved in multi-disciplinary work. Her current work addresses the notion of hierarchy and its place in society as well as within the dancing body. As well as her solo and ensemble work, she continues to work with the legendary US choreographer Deborah Hay. Recognized for her unique performance work in multiple contexts. Warby has received the Robert Helpmann Award, multiple Greenroom Awards for Best female and solo performer, an Australia Council Fellowship, and the Sidney Myer Performing Arts Award.






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Photo Credit: Gregory Lorenzutti