Pre-Show Workshop with Anna Martine Whitehead
Monday, Mar 3 2014
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

$5 suggested donation.
Please stay on for falling queens. solo show by Anna Martine Whitehead at 8:30pm

What would it feel like to be something other than alive? Where do past lives live in us and how do they shape our movement? What about rage? …ecstasy, confusion, or… other beings? Animals? Ex-lovers? What if we locate other entities in our skeletal and muscular structure and create authentic movement from there? Would we speak new languages? – This workshop will use a range of (dis)embodied practices to explore choreographies of loss. This workshop is as much about locating grief (and rage, ecstasy, and whatever else) in our own bodies as it is a conversation about the grieving/ecstatic/un-living body in general.

Since emerging from the woods of Virginia Martine has been calling down ghosts and drawing perfomative ellipses of memory. She’s shown, danced, and curated in spaces, institutions, and backyards across North America and Europe, and with the likes of Jerri Allyn, Violeta Luna, taisha paggett, Jefferson Pinder, Arthur Jafa, and Keith Hennessy. Martine currently lives in Los Angeles, where she writes, teaches, and makes work about free fall and black folk dances of death. See more of her projects at