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Privacy/Publicity: A collaborative performance and exhibition
Sunday, May 16 2010
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Choreographed by Maia Harari & Lavinia Findikoglu

Dancers: Lavinia Findikoglu & Micah Moch

Two things we’ve all wanted more of at some point in our lives: privacy and publicity. Choreographer Maia Harari and art historian Nico Machida have organized a program of dance and video art that takes on timely ideas of public persona, private reality, and the role that new technology has played in redefining both.

Works Featured:

Maia Harari Dance Theatre, Chloe in Fast Forward and Short Fall
Christine Dehne, Conversations in the City
Zig Gron, Door Opera
Russell Chartier and Paul Botelho, Confined
Jennifer Berger, Cheeta and The Orange Bathing Suit


Maia Harari is a Los Angeles-based choreographer, writer and producer. She is the Artistic Director of Maia Harari Dance Theatre, a pick-up contemporary dance ensemble focused on the production of multimedia stage productions, short films, site-specific happenings and choreography for music videos. As a teaching artist, Harari regularly leads workshops and master classes on movement and performance. She received her BA from The University of California Berkeley in Urban Studies & New Media with a Minor in Dance. Through Harari Dance she seeks to create a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration. Follow her on Twitter!

Nico Machida is a Los Angeles-based art historian. He works on the intersection of art and architectural discourses in post-1960 practices of site-specific art, institutional critique, and installation art. He has held curatorial positions at the Getty Research Institute, The Broad Art Foundation, and the Dallas Museum of Art. He has also served as a staff critic for Artslant. A graduate of the art history program at Stanford University, he will enter UCLA this Fall as a doctoral student in the subject.