Qi Gong Workshop with Melanie Maar
Monday, Sep 22 2014
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM

Qi Gong Workshop with Melanie Maar
Monday, September 22, 8-10pm

Qi Gong

-practicing being and seeing-

 In this class I offer space for a self nurturing, awake state, where we can explore and learn about principles of energetic and anatomic dynamics that can benefit people within their own practices and ways. I approach somatic, artistic nd psychic as synergetic. We work with methods related to the 5 Element System like Iron Shirt, Sexual Energy Practices and Bagua Circeling through image activation, sounding, meditation, floor and partner work to expand possibilities of being and relating self, environment and universe.

Melanie Maar is a New York based dance artist and teacher originally from Vienna, Austria. 2008-14 she ran a loft space in Brooklyn that was performance space, studio and community station. Studying with her first dance teacher Gertraud Maar, Qi Gong with Daria Fain and Ballet with  Janet Panetta has greatly shaped her teaching practice. Maar also studied  Hun Gar Kung Fu, Universal Healing Tao Qi Gong, various somatic and contemporary dance practices, cognitive science and psychology. She teaches Qi Gong classes regularly, otherwise workshops for dance makers, most recently for Movement Research, The Danish National Dance School, Tanzstudio Maar and CLASSCLASS.  Her improvisational performance practice is the basis for her choreographic work and has lead to ongoing collaborations with musicians Kenta Nagai, Taylor Ho Bynum, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, Christian Schroeder and Anthony Braxton since 2007. Maar is also part of   a performance collective with Taylor, Abraham and Rachel Bernsen since 2012. Our Other, latest evening work /Danspace Project October 2013. Same Selves/ Baryshnikov Art Center 2012. Spaces and Bones /The Chocolate Factory Theater 2011 and ImPuls Tanz 2012. Phenomenal Bodies/ DTW 2008. Co-curation for the 2010 Movement Research Festival HARDCORPS and the 2013 Moving Sounds Festival for the Austrian Cultural Forum NY. 2006/2007 Movement Research Artist in Residence.  As a performer Maar has worked continuously with New York choreographer luciana achugar, as well as with RoseAnne Spradlin, Daria Fain, Walter Dundervill, Levi Gonzalez and Luis Lara Malvacias.

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