Queer Clubbing in Place: Creating Dance Sanctuary During a Pandemic
mx. j. nyla mcneill
Friday, Jun 11 2021
4:00 PM - 5:30 PM
$25 suggested donation via Venmo or PayPal. Pay what you can for BIPOC, historically marginalized, those without funds. Register

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As the pandemic has shut down many dance and pleasure spaces for LGBTQIA+ community, it is imperative to recreate and reimagine these spaces in the ways that are available to us now, so as not to lose sight of the pride of our community, creativity, identities, and togetherness.


This workshop will provide space for imagining our personal movement sanctuary with suggestions on how to get started by mx. j. nyla mcneill. It will include set and setting suggestions and open up to shares for euphoric, ecstatic experiences (i.e., talk about accessible lights/light therapies, affordable sound systeming, etc.), suggestions for platforming digital parties, and opportunity to imagine into these spaces from the comfort of our homes.


Focused on the need for club spaces for LGBTQIA+ folk, this workshop will include: guided imagination on creating a powerful dance space, and an open-floor opportunity to talk about the futures of our homeplay in our imagined party and arts spaces. 



mx. j. nyla mcneill (they / them | s/he / hir ) (@mx.jvn on IG) is a queer/trans polymath and independent scholar. They are a musician, earth, light, and cultural worker, as well as an educator and early career research scientist. Their work focusses on obliterating cissexism (i.e., the institutionalized system which posits that those who identify with the sex they were assigned at birth are more “normal” or “right” than those who do not), and developing Ecocene.


They are a post-graduate student, tiny business owner (@mx.lifestyling), occasional talent actor, and skateboarding organizer/arts director (@black_girls_skate, @queerskatela) who LOVES slow food.


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Spring 2021 Programming selection committee: Jessica Hemingway, Joy Angela, Janine Lim, Serena Caffrey & Dorothy Dubrule.