Queer Werkout
Nicola Bullock and Sarah Bouars 
Saturday, Dec 9 2017
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$15-20 sliding scale Register
1980’s fashion meets 1990’s tunes meets 2370’s dance moves in Queer Werkout!!!!


Queer Werkout is for EVERYONE – especially folks who love to sweat, get down to a diverse mix of music, and want a break from gender- and hetero-normative workouts!! A mix of aerobics, stretching, somatics, and dance, Queer Workout is a community-oriented class. It’s our aim to build a space where we see each other and are seen ; where we dare to be brave and stay safe ; and where we foster a group spirit of mutual support, cooperation, and coexistence instead of competition, hierarchies, shame, and dominance.


Leo Löwe comes from a long lineage of lions and large cats at the Bronx Zoo in NYC. Growing up confined to a small cage, Leo learned how to calm his wilder instincts in order to make people more comfortable. Since escaping in 1972, he has gotten more in touch with his anger and aggression. Thanks mostly to therapy and meeting Pommes Paul, Leo now travels fluidly between the two and can be both a supportive presence and a menacing drill sergeant.
Pommes Paule, born in Wuppertal Germany, 80 years ago is the sun of Silvester Stallone and Pina Bausch. Pommes went through many stages in his life including dancing for his mum, Action movies with his dad, developing new dance techniques with his sister Anna Halprin and living with his Cousin Osho in Pune, India. Together with his dear friend Leo they found out that the immersion of Pommes power and friends in movement is the answer to almost all their problems.
RSVP/Contact: nicolajoy@gmail.com or s.bouars@posteo.de
Please park on the street.