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Rebecca Bruno & Odeya Nini: Moving Being
Sunday, Mar 18 2012
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Rebecca Bruno will be teaching, alongside Odeya Nini, the most recent evolution of Moving Being.

Moving Being is a movement workshop designed to deepen physical and energetic awareness through an exploration of natural elements in the body. We set the space with a tuning meditation to ground down, clear out, and activate subtle perception – slowly and with internal focus. Then on to exercises encouraging ease and efficiency in structural functioning interlaced with an exploration in shifting states of consciousness and imagination. In stillness and action we embody earth, water, fire, air and ether elements. Through this workshop we attempt to cultivate and maintain an authentic presence in observing ourselves and in being with others.

March 18th is a special day for Moving Being as we will be graced with the one and only composer, vocalist, experimenter, Odeya Nini whose unique live landscape of sound is rich and full of wonder.

Come to deepen your personal movement practice, to improve your perceptual awareness, to activate layers of your performance, to go inwards and connect with your potency, pleasure, and wildness. Be part of the coming together of live action movement and sound in the special space of an afternoon at Pieter!

All are welcome.

Odeya Nini

Rebecca’s Source Material for Workshop:

Polarity Therapy

Feldenkrais Method


Tai Chi.
Chakra System

and more.