Recent Choreographic Work
Friday, May 11 2012
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Jil Stein, Alexa Weir, Samantha Goodman and Rebeca Hernandez

Evening Curated by Rebeca Hernandez

choreography and performance by JIL STEIN
soundscape arranged by W▲STH▼S

JIL is currently based in Los Angeles. STAKKT is the latest development of her art and choreographic research. JIL has an MA in choreography and a PD in contemporary dance performance from LABAN institute, London. She has shown work and performed throughout Los Angeles, London and St. Louis.

Alexa Weir:
best friends forever
hey Death,
I’m sort of scared of you,
even though you’ve been with me my whole life.
sometimes you’re so quiet
i forget you’re there (sorry!)
you must know all my secrets
yet you’ve never told a soul.
that’s pretty cool.

Rebeca Hernandez will be presenting a full length show, VOID, which involves the five elements, including spirit, or void. The piece involves improvisation, interdisciplinary work with musicians and site specificity. Live music: David Strother in violin and the duo Mister Equis, guest artists from Mexicali, Mexico. Dancers: Jillian Stein, Karla Flores, Lynnea Brown, Maggie Jones and Rebeca Hernandez.

Samantha Goodman will be presenting In a Breath: One enters into this world with inherent memory of the past. This intelligence informs the present moment and constructs future. The hours which bind, separate and transform us, texture the body and layer our human experience. In a Breath, unravels the passing of time through memory and imagination of mother and child. It remembers those who came before and envisions those yet to come. Interpreters: Samantha Goodman, Chey Chankethya. Music: Tim Hecker.