Renée van Trier, Karin Sandberg: Performance
Saturday, Apr 2 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Renée van Trier / 1983 / Tilburg / The Netherlands

My work consists of an inner dalliance with the outside world that flows differently. I play with the recognition of the increasingly mechanized and changing identities in the artificial reality.

I show the conflict between the person and the adopted artificial identity.The survey concerns the authentic and artificial behavioral keep me busy. In my work I act and react intuitively in the moment.

These reactions are established in various expressions such as: video, photography, performance and music. For me it is important to play and look awake to the world around us.


Karin Sandberg / 1980 / Falun / Sweden

Conditioning my artistic practice are systems of self-control I have designed in order to manage everyday life. The manic side of me needs rules and guidelines, limits and goals. Therefore my work, whether the outcome takes the form of drawings, sculpture, recorded noise, music, photography, text or performance, is always centered on the notion of time, and what we make of it. In the end seeing the physical and mental exhaustion it means working within these systems is a very crucial aspect, and that is therefore made an integrated part of the work.