Resistance, Delay, Accumulation, and Mobilization
Saturday, Apr 21 2018
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$30 / Registration Deadline: Wednesday, April 18 at 7pm Register
Resistance, Delay, Accumulation, and Mobilization are the subject matters of the workshop. We will learn to recognize primary impulses that result from our initial responses to thoughts and images.


Our most primary reaction, particularly in the context of dance, is to get carried away from these impulses and move. The time spent in the studio would allow us to find ways to develop awareness and understanding of when and how these impulses happen, to be able to recognize how we take the first step to move and when we decide that these steps should end. It is important for us as dance makers and movers to know how, why, when, for whom, where, etc we move.

LUIS LARA MALVACÍAS is a Venezuelan choreographer, dancer, dance teacher and visual artist. He has danced in the work of Jeremy Nelson (1994 – 2004), David Zambrano, Mark Tompkins, John Jasperse, Yoshiko Chuma, and in his own choreography. He has presented his work in New York since 1994, including DTW, PS122, Danspace Project, the Kitchen and Joyce SoHo among others. In the United States he has taught, created and presented work in several colleges and institutions. Internationally, he regularly teaches and presents work in many countries in Europe, South America, North America and Asia. He was a 1998/1999 and 2002/2003 Movement Research Artist-in Residence and a 2006 Dance New Amsterdam Artist in Residence. He is the recipient of a 2006 NYFA Fellowship for choreography. His work is presented under LUIS LARA MALVACÍAS / 3RD CLASS CITIZEN. For the past five years, he has worked together with Jeremy Nelson creating a series of structured improvisational duets: From A to Z. Taking each piece’s title from a different letter of the alphabet, the project focuses on many aspects of time and uses signposts and issues connected with life and aging as a framework for these explorations. The works created so far, “B”, “E”, “A” “C” and “D” have been performed in New York, Los Angeles and in several venues abroad. The work is presented under 2OLDMENPROJECT. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Choreography and Dance at the University of California Riverside.

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Photo Credit: Laura Fuchs
Photo Credit: Laura Fuchs