Rituals of Farewell: Physical
Saturday, Jul 18 2020
10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
FREE! Donations welcome to support Pieter during this time Register

The studio will be open to the public for in-person goodbyes.




On these dates, 15 minute visits are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. As there may be a waiting line, we encourage you to come prepared and stay hydrated!




In keeping with current COVID regulations, and in the spirit of care for ourselves and care of others, please note that we must adhere to the following protocol:


-Please do not visit the studio if you are exhibiting any symptoms, such as:  fever, cough, shortness of breath or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.


All visitors must wear a mask.


-During visiting hours, folx will enter the space as individuals or “households” and have 15 minutes inside. Any lines that form downstairs must maintain 6 feet of physical distance between people.


Note that entering the space is *at your own risk*. Pieter will provide some hand sanitizer, but please, keep your mask on at all times and touch only what you will take with you. Studio windows will remain open to increase air circulation. Note that the space will not be sanitized between visitors and we are counting on our community members to use caution and care.


-Pieter will be giving away numerous items, including props, kitchen wares, and all free boutique items must go! All items are first-come, first-served, and please bring your own bags. Note that while these items are clean, they have not been sanitized. Please take with caution as you would any object you obtain outside of your home.


For more COVID-19 safety regulation references, please visit:
California Department of Public Health
LA County Department of Public Health




If you’d like to post any images or videos on social media, either from inside the studio if you visit, or from wherever you are, sharing memories, sentiments of farewell, and/or wishes for Pieter’s future, please use the hashtag #foreverpieter. We’d love to share and archive messages from our community as we go through a difficult but necessary stage in Pieter’s evolution.

Photo courtesy of Miles Brenninkmeijer
Photo courtesy of Miles Brenninkmeijer