Smeg Jung June8
Saturday, Jun 25 2011
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Woolly (Portland)

Woolly is an aesthetically-inclined, trans-pop-culture, dance-therapy performance group formed in Portland, OR in 2006 by Kathleen Keogh, Rikki Rothenberg and Katie Arrants. They have performed in venues ranging from burned-out buildings to black box theaters and, most recently at PICA’s Time Based Art Festival in 2010 (TBA10), where Woolly presented their piece SHE IS OURSELVES to positive reviews. Traversing between hilarious absurdity and a dark intensity, they bring audiences to the precipice of tantalizing confusion. At Pieter Woolly will be comprised of Rikki and Kathleen, who will be working on and performing a new piece, with the working title Smeg Jung June8.

“Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner have been refining a kind of awkward-sexy that is starting to be amazing. They are mining the discomfort of attraction-repulsion schemes, working with a turn-on simultaneously negated. I like that Woolly has the courage to be ugly with their body positions, voices and makeup. It’s high fashion. It’s somebody’s obsession – the power of humiliation and boldness. It’s a come-hither confrontation. The twinge of uneasy moments are not just exploited but extended and explored. (…) Woolly has been building a language of such moments.” Seth Nehil for PICA blog

Image by Takahiro Yamamoto