smoky counsel: floating fire on the river anger workshop
Shruti Bala
Saturday, May 4 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
Non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or FREE boutique Register

Join Shruti Bala for their next phase of work with smoky counsel, a mixed media work that moves through the femme stories of disposibility, anger, loss and grief, hilarious bitterness, and connection to nature– through the stories of Hindu widow ancestors.







In this phase, Shruti invites participants to join in a ritual to release anger and regenerate life. South Asian people (especially Bengali queer, trans, non-binary, femmes) and femmes of color across the gender spectrum are highly encouraged to join. This work comes from the healing of femme Bengali ancestries.






Admission is a non-monetary donation such as food, drink, or clothing for the free boutique. In addition, Shruti will be raising funds in order to support the purchase of supplies, transportation, and the further development of this work.







Shruti Bala Purkayastha is a theater artist, poet, songstress/vocalist, deep roots healer, spirit worker, femme, dream heart warrior, oracle, tree lover, mysoginy slayer and organizer with midwestern roots based in Los Angeles/Tongva Land. Their work is guided by ancestors and love spirits, encouraging us to break cycles, pay reparations and heal deeper to move closer to collective liberation. Their current projects include a solo show called smokey counsel exploring femme labor, healing fire rituals, reclaiming voice/breaking silence, and the impacts of casteism. They are working with modes of intuitive and energy healing with a decolonizing lens, through their practice, Bala Mandala Healing. They are so grateful to support ancestors to continue to support new legacies of living here on our home planet Earth. // IG: @shrutibalap






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Photo Credit: Aneeta Mitha