sometimes the spirits take this piece
Jmy James Kidd and Tara Jane ONeil
Saturday, Oct 26 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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thru the practicing and early performances of this piece, Brian O’Neil, Stanley Love and Lucy Schumann left our world. our final performance of the year for this work is for these 3 beautiful sparkling human beings spirits. thank you.




this piece is or seems to be:




elemental. playing with the wind. esoteric anatomy. secret spirals. lumbering wheel. weather vane. formless. shapeless shapes. Hermes slips the trap. matter out of place. inversions. mercurial beings. wings on our feet. debased with dirt. spring storms. fruits of harvest. disrupting orderliness. dropping a pony from on high. exclusion from order. what hides in human systems of design now shine.




a body and bass solo duet by Jmy Kidd and Tara Jane ONeil completing an always cycle.

Photo Credit: Jmy James Kidd
Photo Credit: devika wickremesinghe
Photo Credit: Lena Kassoff