The Autumnal Equinox Pentacle Tour 
Saturday, Oct 4 2014
6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The Autumnal Equinox Pentacle Tour 
Saturday, October 4, Doors 7pm
$20-30 sliding scale

Doors will close and ritual will begin promptly at 8:00pm
No late-comers please!
Please bring a dish or snack to share for post-ritual potluck.

JAHA+LOU is a collaboration between two queer witch priestesses who weave sound, textile, and sacred art installation to facilitate a group healing.  A sacred weaving using a handmade loom, takes place by LOU throughout the ritual, connecting our intentions with the collective, the earth and all that is. Sacred sounding or toning is offered by JAHA, along with guided meditation, and a sound bath to integrate the energies vibrated forth from each person. We are taking this collaboration on tour through 6 cities, from the new moon to the full. Los Angeles is our fifth stop on tour.  We invite you to please bring an offering to the ritual which will be woven into the sacred weaving by LOU.  An offering is something given as a gift or a contribution in reciprocity. This can be any object that catches your eye, that speaks to you as something to give to honor the spirits of the ritual. This item will be woven into the sacred weaving, along with the offerings of everyone at each stop on tour, creating a web of connectedness across space and time. We also invite the community to please bring a snack, dish, or refreshing beverage to share potluck style after the ritual. Something that is healthy, grounding, nourishing etc. Also, this is a sober event so please no drugs/plant medicines or alcohol. 

Our vision for this event is to share the power of sound and our voices with each other to create healing while being supported in a sacred installation altar. To blur the lines of a healing session and a musical show. To blur the lines of showing art while it is in process, letting it be shaped by the people around it and the experiences we share together. To not totally know what is going to happen, but to trust that what is supposed to be, will be. 


Jenstar and her Aura or JAHA, is a queer witch priestess who offers sound healing via the frequencies of her powerful voice. She believes in the power of vibration to help people tune into their truths, break through blocks, and activate/live your potential and purpose. Drawing on her background as a theater performer, musician and singer, she sees ritual and ceremony as a space to express ourselves fully. After working with the land and faerie energies for 10 years in Portland, Oregon, she now offers her healing services in Denver, Colorado. Though she misses the watery green of the NW, the expansive sun and rocky mountains is just what she needs to fully launch forth her business, JAHA Vocal Sound Healing. 

Lou LaMotte is a Queer Witch Priestess in training at the Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland, Oregon. She sees patterns in all things, from the feelings we feel to the connectedness of all that is, and loves to find them, untangle them, and purposefully reconnect them. She loves helping others do that too. She weaves magic, ritual, and healing into her art practice in the creation of installations, book making, and fiber works. She is a dream analyzer, an animal communicator, and a maker of things. She is listens to the wind and to the water. She tends a home and the land in Portland, Oregon, where she hopes to someday soon understand the squirrels that climb around on the Elm tree.

Please park on the street.