The Dancing Spine: Freedom, Power & Pain Relief with the Alexander Technique
Sharon Jakubecy Klehm
Saturday, May 19 2018
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
$30 Register
In The Dancing Spine workshop, dancers will explore the ranges of motion of the spine, ribs, and hips through exercises, floor work, video demonstration, Alexander Technique hands-on guidance, and observation giving you the ability to heal and prevent injuries, to audition and perform with confidence, and to awaken a relaxed, creative nervous system.
With a deeper understanding and awareness of how your spines and bodies are designed to move, you gain a a more sophisticated control of and freedom in your body. In The Dancing Spine, you will experience non-habitual and unimpeded springy, mobile, long spines which offers you a broader artistic range and your spine and body are far more dynamic than you even realized. You will discover true anatomical groundedness and centeredness and identify habits of tension and collapse that interfere with your strength, flexibility, breath, expression and stage presence. By introducing the basic principles of Alexander Technique, you learn practices to heal & prevent injuries, calm your nervous systems, and release tight, strained muscles.
With clients on True Blood, Dancing with the Stars, BBC, and Disney, Sharon Jakubecy Klehm, AmSAT, coaches her client to be relaxed, loose, dynamic and daring on stage and on camera. She’s trained actors, dancers, & musicians at Stella Adler, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Wooden Floor, Idyllwild Arts Academy, CALArts, Laguna Playhouse. As a posture, body language & stress expert, Sharon Jakubecy Klehm has been a featured guest on NPR, Huffington Post, Natural Solutions,, Back Stage, & ProfNet Connect, and has coached sales teams, performed corporate trainings and has worked with companies including, Media Arts Lab, Human Coach Learning and Consulting, Grammy School of Music, Colburn School of Music, Grifols, The LA Opera, Women in Theater, Vox Humana, Shakespeare Santa Monica, San Diego State University and Children’s Hospitals. As an artist, she has directed plays for children including “Lion King Kids” “The Wiz” “Hansel and Gretel,” “The BFG,” and choreographed and performed in The Next Wave, Five Toes, One Foot, Dance Moving Forward as Artist in Residence at LA Valley College.
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Photo Credit: Christina Morassi
Photo Credit: Ron Yee 2017