The End, The Beginning, and Infinite Love: a day-long workshop in the Kundalini Yoga tradition facilitated by Nick Duran
Tuesday, Dec 31 2013
12:00 PM - 6:00 PM

On the last day of 2013, 12-6PM
Cost: $40
A vegetarian lunch will be provided
There are no prerequisites. The workshop is open to all.

Love is a process in which ego is lost and infinity is experienced. –Yogi Bhajan

What to Expect
The day will consist of five-six kriyas, approximately 30-60 minutes each, with short breaks and a shared vegetarian potluck lunch. Kriyas will be done alone as well as in pairs as a group meditation and include:

  • yoga posture (asana)
  • hand position (mudra)
  • breathing technique (pranayama)
  • mental focus
  • and/or a mantra

What to Wear/Bring

  • Wear loose, comfortable, white clothing. White combines all the colors and enhances your magnetic field and auric strength.
  • Wear a white cotton head covering that completely covers the head and will stay on securely during exercises with movement.
  • Bring a vegetarian dish to share. Snacks and water will be provided.