The Grownups and Me Camp
Emiko Sugiyama and Christine Perez
Friday, Jul 13 2018
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
$30 per class drop in / $110 for early bird registration by June 30th / $130 full package Register

There is a saying that the soul of a child of three is the same at 100. It is very important to cultivate our children’s potential by providing a fun and creative learning environment.




We will have dance, music, and crafts to develop their motor skills. We will share parenting information as a group.


This class is not only for children to learn their life skills but also to build a supportive community to raise them together, in hopes that we will continue meeting outside of this class in the future, exploring nature and other fun activities.



Age group: babies who can walk till 3 years old.


We offer discount rate for siblings. Please contact for more details. If the siblings are younger than 8 months old, it is free for the second child.






Emiko Sugiyama is a community builder, educator, professional dancer and now a mother of a two year old boy. She has traveled all over the world by performing, competing and teaching dance for fifteen years (credit: Rennie Harris Puremovement, Illstyle and Peace Production, Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Cold Play, Fat Joe, KRS One, KOS, Thalia, and many more.) She has been dedicated to building a House community called Open House that has a weekly dance session in Downtown Los Angeles since 2009. In 2013, she has received “ the most influential female Hip Hop contributor” award at LA breakers 30th anniversary and Community Leadership Appreciation from Lester Horton Awards by Dance Resource Center in 2016.


Today, she is committed to learning about early education and support for her son to cultivate his highest potentials. She has been studying early human development in both Japanese and English material and resources. She is taking good parts from the both cultures and applying them to her son’s growth. Emiko loves outdoor activities such as camping, the beach, hiking and more. She takes her son every where. She is looking forward to building a community that has active parents’ participation, working together to support our children’s growth.

For more info about Emiko, please visit



Christine Perez is a mother of two, soon to be a mother of 3 in December. She received her Early Childhood Education from Citrus Community College. She has been working with young children from the age range of three months- nine yrs old. For about 7 yrs Christine worked at My Gym Children’s Fitness Center, afterwards, she worked as a Preschool Teacher at Sunnyside Preschool for 8yrs, where she was also an after school curriculum teacher for various after school classes and camps.


Christine absolutely loves to watch children learn and grow through the basic instruments of life (peer interaction, trial and error, art, music, etc). The mind of a child is one of the most interesting things for her to watch unfold, and more-so when she has the opportunity to introduce new concepts to their ever growing curiosity. When Christine is not working as a teacher you will definitely find her going on adventures with her own children everywhere and anywhere, going to outdoor events especially related to music, art exhibits and dancing.




Please park on the street.


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Photo Credit: Tommy Ly
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