The Institut IDGAF Presents: DIRTY BABY // Pieter February Artists-in-Residence
Saturday, Feb 20 2016
8:30 PM - 11:00 PM

The Institut IDGAF Presents // DIRTY BABY
Pieter February Artists-in-Residence


We are builders of skylines and vistas, bridges and back stories, witchcraft and wisdom. We’ll show you what was then, whenever, and then…

Not investigating just doing
We’re doing this and this is what we’re doing and you can too.

And then…

That was then this is now.

I’m drunk in love with you
I could drink a case of you
At first I was afraid, now we’re ashes on the ground
We won’t ever be the same
Meet me tonight, gimme my money
Bitch you better have my money 

I will love you til the end of time

Sunset rebels
Dust to dust
Dusk to dusk
Sun Ra Sunset raiders

Institut IDGAF  “MAKE MAKE MAKE” and zero fucks given. In the spirit of ceaseless motion devotion, collaborators Samantha Allen and Devika Wickremesinghe egg each other on to practice making, making practices with spontaneity and humor. Institut IDGAF is a feminist movement of creation without censorship, explanation or apology. Recipients of the 1989 We Do What We Want Genius Award, two time honorees of the Goddamn Thats Good Dancin Prize, and Queen B Bad Bitch Residency Honors, the Institut is Institut is preparing for their 2017 world tour. Donations are tax deductible we think.


Samantha Allen
is a dancer and maker now living in Chicago. She’s had the pleasure of working with talented artists in NYC and Chicago including Colleen Thomas, Katie Workum, Julie Mayo, Yanira Castro & Jeff Janisheski, Shannon Gillen & Elizabeth Motley, Buck Wanner, Jessie Young and others. Through the Institut IDGAF she makes live work and films with collaborator Devika Wickremesinghe. She is an editor by day and also partners with filmmaker Christopher Cascarano on film and design projects. Love made us do it.

Devika Wickremesinghe is a dance and performance artist originally from Staten Island, New York. In NYC she performed with K.J. Holmes, Vanessa Justice, Buck Wanner, ana Isabel keilson, and Mariangela Lopez’ ACCIDENTAL MOVEMENT. Since her arrival in Los Angeles she is a recent member of Alexx Shilling’s MODERN DANCERS OF AMERICA and Taisha Paggett’s WXPT.  She has had the pleasure of performing in the work of Milka Djordjevich, Dorothy Dubrule,Laurel Jenkins, and Sarah Leddy. She was part of Maria Hassabi’s PLASTIC at the Hammer Museum.  She is way up, she feels blessed.

Please Park on the Street.