The Sensing Body: Making Space for the Creative Impulse
Gillian McGinty and Rikki Rothenberg
Sunday, May 28 2017
10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
$30-50 sliding scale Register
Join us for this unique workshop combining the practice of Body-Mind Centering with Authentic Movement. In this two and half hour workshop, we will begin with developmental movement through the senses, exploring an evolution that begins in utero, continuing through the first year of life and beyond. Following this embodiment practice, we will transition into an authentic movement circle. This practice of moving and witnessing each other builds an empowered sense of self, using our body’s impulses and innate knowledge.


This workshop will provide a space for creative exploration and sourcing, where we will cultivate creative and/or performative presence. BMC provides an experiential process from which we come to understand our environment and perceive the world. The authentic movement experience will allow us to tap into unconscious personal material within a safe container.


All levels of movers are welcome to this class.


Gillian McGinty is a choreographer, movement educator, community builder, and Certified Somatic Movement Therapist. Her movement studies over the past twenty five years have encompassed classical and contemporary dance forms, post-modernism, Body-mind Centering, the Feldenkrais Method, Skinner Releasing Technique, Chi Gong, Yoga, Moving theater and Continuum. She has performed with Bay Area Repertory Dance Theatre, Turning the Wheel Dance Company, Kairos dance and in the WAC department at UCLA. She was Los Angeles city project manager for Turning the Wheel Dance Company for seven years, which brought dance to inner city schools, senior centers, and veteran’s facilities. Gillian is a Body-Mind Centering practitioner and is the director of Body Focus Studio where she offers private sessions in the Pilates Method of movement reeducation, Body-Mind Centering, Awareness through Movement and Cranial-sacral therapy.
Rikki Rothenberg is a dance & visual artist and a therapist. Rikki earned her BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design and her MA in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.
Photo Credit: Noelle Stiles, Pictured: Rikki Rothenberg