Saturday, Jun 23 2012
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Prumsodun Ok
Shayna Keller
Amanda Furches

Prumsodun Ok is guided by love. He works to positively transform our world through his practice as an artist, teacher, writer, curator, storyteller and organizer. His interdisciplinary performances contemplate Rene Daumal’s expression of “the avant-garde in antiquity,” mining the tradition of Cambodian classical dance to explore the intersection of contemporary social issues with new possibilities for performance. Prum has presented his original works at venues such as REDCAT, Highways, KUNST-STOFF arts/fest, and Pieter among others. His writings have been published by the Alliance for California Traditional Arts (ACTA),, In Dance Magazine and featured by the California Dance Network. Among many honors, Prum is a TED Fellow, Master Artist in ACTA’s Apprenticeship Program, an Association of Performing Arts Presenters Artist Fellow, and was a mentee to Oguri through the Choreographers in Mentorship Exchange Grant. Currently, he is Associate Artistic Director of Khmer Arts. His projects in progress include: an innovative book titled Ream Eyso and Moni Mekhala, a clothing line inspired by Cambodian classical dance regalia, as well as SALA Center for Art and Culture, a center that would provide a platform for traditional performing artists to inspire young people, nurture healthy communities, and redefine the landscape of art and culture.

Shayna Keller is a Los Angeles based choreographer, performer and arts administrator. She has been performing and making dances for as long as she can remember, drawing upon experiences with improvisation, post-modern/release technique, contact improvisation, yoga, Authentic Movement and traditional forms from Ghana, Java, Israel and Europe. Since earning her BA in Choreography and Performance from Wesleyan University, she has had the pleasure of collaborating with sound artists and filmmakers to create work for the outdoors, the stage and the screen. Her work has been presented in venues such as Movement Research at the Judson Church (New York), Counterpulse (San Francisco), Joshua Tree National Park’s Indian Cove Amphitheatre (29 Palms), Anatomy Riot (Los Angeles), Highway 62 Art Tours (Joshua Tree) and Wesleyan University’s Center for the Arts.

Born on Friday April 13, 1984, JLTMcK has appeared on a couple dimensions but can’t seem to break the 5thone. A multi hyphenate, who holds all hyphens at an arm’s distance. Born in Kansas his education took him to Minnesota, India and ultimately California where he has been for the past 8 years. His movement prerogative comes from exploring history as a dialogue and expresses a desire to create contemporaries of the future. His movement curriculum vitae includes works by Ryan Heffington, Nina McNeely, Mecca Vazie Andrews, and Marina Abramovic.

Amanda Furches is a performer, choreographer and amateur gardener born and raised in the fields of North Carolina. Since moving to LA from Minneapolis she’s been shifting her dance perspective to ebb and flow with the plates that keep shifting under her feet. What grounds her is to grow, roll through and plant in soil. Her work has been presented at the Cunningham Studio, 21 Grand, Bryant Lake Bowl, Patricks Cabaret, and Pieter PASD. She’s performed works by Larry Kiegwin, Janine Durning, John Jaspers, Morgan Thorson, Hijack, and Rae Shao Lan Blum. She’s choreographed for music videos by SpringSummer, Bobby Evans, Robert Schwartzman, Music go Music, Foster the People, and Bob Dylan. She has a BFA in Contemporary dance and Choreography from NC School of the Arts.

Image: Shayna Keller