Saturday, Aug 18 2012
8:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Alison D’Amato
Rebecca Bruno
Victoria Marks
Anna Martine Whitehead
Ryan Kelly

Alison D’Amato is a researcher, choreographer, and performer based in Los Angeles for the past two years. She’s currently working on a PhD in UCLA’s Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance that focuses on scoring and notational practices. In Los Angeles, her collaborative work with Emily Beattie (Fleshmitten, The Race) has been presented by Pieter and Anatomy Riot, and her dance film the temperaments was screened at the Kristi Engle Gallery. Alison’s writing on performance can be found in Choreographic Practices, itch, and Native Strategies.

Rebecca is a dance-maker, movement teacher, and bodywork practitioner. Within the past 3 years in LA she has had the pleasure to work with Jmy James Kidd, Jill Stein, Erin Beneze, Amanda Furches, Rebecca Pappas, and now very happily working with Melanie Rios Glaser. RB practices a form of bodywork drawing from Cranial Sacral Unwinding, Chakra Balancing, Polarity Therapy and massage with clients in LA. Studies include IPSB of Culver City and The Life Energy Institute of Topanga. BA in dance from UC San Diego and studies at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance from ’05-’06.

Ryan Kelly is an artist and dancer, currently pursuing his MFA in the Interdisciplinary Studio program at UCLA. Kelly completed the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2010. He was a member of New York City Ballet from 1998 to 2002 and received a BA in Comparative Literature from Fordham University in 2008. For the past ten years, he has engaged in a unique collaboration with artist Brennan Gerard. Together, they approach art as a series of experiments to work through questions of spectatorship, desire, authorship, and the formation of political consciousness. Their hybridized works-combining performance, choreography, text, sound, and video—draw from a wide range of discourses to articulate alternatives to a world entertained 24/7 by spectacle culture. Their work has been shown in Los Angeles at LACE Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibits, Track 16 Gallery, and at the University Gallery, UC Irvine; in New York at The Kitchen, Art in General, Park Avenue Armory, Volta Art Fair, Whitney Museum of American Art; and internationally in festivals and art centers in the Netherlands and France. With Gerard, Kelly is the founder and co-director of Moving Theater, a nonprofit arts organization based in New York City.

Victoria Marks, an Alpert Award winner and Guggenheim Fellow, has been practicing knowing and unknowing, making dances for stage and film, over the past 27 years.

Through performance, video, public practices, and creative non-fiction, Anna Martine Whitehead’s work investigates bodies and their relationship to expressive culture, memory, desire, and violence. She has presented work at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, SOMArts, CounterPULSE, and public thoroughfares in San Francisco; the Betty Pease Studio Theater in Ann Arbor; LA Contemporary Exhibits (LACE); Division of Human Resources New York; and galleri bob in Gothenburg, Sweden. She has collaborated with teams on projects led by Jefferson Pinder (Juke, 2007), Violeta Luna and Guillermo Gomez-Pena (Corpo/Ilicito, 2009), and Jesse Hewit (Tell Them That You Saw Me, 2010), the National Park Service and San Francisco County Sheriff’s Department (Hamlet, 2010). Most recently, she worked with team to curate and produce This Is What I Want in San Francisco and is currently collaborating with UK artists Action Hero during their residence at CounterPULSE.

Image: Anna Martine Whitehead.