Theater Workshop on Techniques of Augusto Boal: Conducted by Mady Schutzman
Sunday, Dec 6 2015
10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Sunday December 6, 10am – 5pm  
Theater Workshop on Techniques of Augusto Boal: Conducted by Mady Schutzman
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WORKSHOP FULL:  Please email Mady at for information on future workshops.  

Through participatory and playful exercises, individuals and groups come together to resolve conflicts, investigate personal and cultural issues, heal social traumas, and understand one anothers’ points of view.  

The exercises employ tools from theater (image making, story-telling, role-playing) and radical pedagogy (dialogue, witnessing, praxis) to uncover, analyze, and intervene in real life scenarios that express problematic dynamics for participants.  

Boal’s theatrical language (known as Theatre of the Oppressed) has been employed across the world by educators, activists, therapists, and artists working in all kinds of institutions — prisons, schools, workplaces, community centers, churches – and with all kinds of populations — LGBTQ youth, union members, veterans, students, recovering addicts, etc.

This workshop will focus on Boal’s therapeutic techniques.  No acting or theatre experience is required. 

Mady Schutzman is a writer, teacher, and theatre artist.  She is co-editor with Jan Cohen-Cruz of two anthologies on the work of Augusto Boal (Playing Boal and A Boal Companion).  Mady’s current work focuses on humor, jokes, and play as non-oppositional forms of resistance. She teaches at California Institute of the Arts.

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