Thieter at Pieter
Brian Getnick, Arne Gjelten, Asher Hartman and Tim Reid
Saturday, Mar 17 2018
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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An evening of a few short theater works in progress.


Through puppetry, dance, spoken word and music, artist-performers Peter Tomka, Oscar Alvarez and Kathleen Keogh assemble and animate a monument to Prometheus Bound. The messages contained within the greek myth: punishment’s eternal return, victim-god, and no justice are developed in contrast to cooperative values of being in an ensemble. Punishment’s Place is the first show in a year long engagement in live works which animate sculpted figures that encompass socio-poetic research into power and retribution. Written, Directed and sculptures fabricated by BG.



Following a year of repeating the refrain, “When in doubt, read Nightwood,” this will be another rough stop in the development of a full-length play pulling from the Djuna Barnes novel, melodrama, and reality television. It is about desire.


LOST PRIVILEGE COMPANY, Asher Hartman, with Brian Getnick, Arne Gjelten and Tim Reid, costumes by Curt Lemieux

Grounded in the text of The Work-Shy (Blunt Research Group), a compact performance wherein the voices of three wardens and their “wards” are collided as physical action, music, and speech in the bodies of performers. Evolved through contemplation of the text and deep intuitive work coupled with acrid comedic gesture, this short piece was originally presented as part of Archive Fever: Lost Words, Buried Voices, through USC’s Vision & Voices, featuring Miroslava Chávez-Garcia, M. NourbeSe Philip, Caleb Smith, and Daniel Tiffany.


Brian Getnick is an artist and facilitator of contemporary performance in Los Angeles. His performance work animates sculptural figures that are containers for research into the intersections of memory, history and mythology. Getnick is the director of PAM residencies, a showcase and residency program for performers making long form work and is the founder and co-director with Tanya Rubbak of Native Strategies, a journal documenting performance art in LA since 2011.
Arne Gjelten is an actor, dancer, writer, and producer.  He’s danced for Peaches, Margaret Cho, Arcade Fire, Pharrell, and in Kenzo’s film Club Ark Eternal. He’s performed at The Ace Hotel, The Cavern Club, LACMA, Akbar, The Regent, Highways Performance Space, The Sweat Spot, Machine Project, and The Forum. He’s made two films as a writer/producer, Garbage and The Loneliest Boy Band, which have played festivals in LA, Kansas City, and Nashville.
Asher Hartman is an interdisciplinary artist and psychic based in Los Angeles. His practice centers on the exploration of the self in relation to Western histories and ideologies. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally.
Tim Reid makes theater, writes, teaches, performs. He takes analytic thought to absurd ends, looking for rupture and frames. The work is about love and trouble. He has made and directed work at PAM Residencies, Machine Project, and Highways, was an ensemble member of The Neo-Futurists in Chicago and an original member of Wet The Hippo in Los Angeles, and most recently, has researched and written on melodrama and clown.
Non-monetary donation suggestions include dolls, jade elephants, and little circus chairs.
Please park on the street.
Photo Credit: Asher Hartman, Costumes: Curt LeMieux
Pictured: Keogh, Tomka, Alvarez