TJO, ARLT, The Supreme Dicks & The Lonesome Leash
Saturday, Apr 18 2015
8:00 PM - 11:00 PM
TJO, ARLT, The Supreme Dicks & The Lonesome Leash
Saturday April 18, show starts at 8pm, doors open at 7pm.
Tara Jane ONeil
ARLT (paris)
the supreme dicks duo
Lonesome Leash
“Eloïse Decazes and Sing Sing form the core of Arlt;  among the most startling and captivating bands of the contemporary french underground. In its most stripped-down version, a shaggy beating guitar and two voices (male and female) under hypnosis, are enough to produce a highly uncanny and haunted space-time; both soft and strangely wild (Eloise: hammer in hand, on the tip of her toes, staring ghosts right in the eye. Sing-Sing: bending more and more,  closer to the knives in his scalded-bear dances)”.
Arlt’s music: both baroque and minimal,  re-calls antique french troubadours, old Brigitte Fontaine records, a fried country blues blurred by geographical distance, the proto-rock’n’roll of imaginary pioneers, the skeletal minimalism of  Pascal Comelade, the medievialish melodies of Moondog and the dervish-like qualities of rebetiko 78rpm’s. 
their 4th album will be released this fall.
Tara Jane O’Neil is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and visual artist. She has released seven full-length albums internationally. She composes and performs under her own name and in collaboration with other musicians, artists, dancers, and filmmakers. Her work in sound ranges from melodic and experimental composition to noise improvisation, and from solo projects to scoring for theater, film, dance, and several ensemble experimental architectures. O’Neil was a founding member of Rodan and the Sonora Pine. She has collaborated on recordings and stages with Lori Goldston, Michael Hurley, Ida, Catherine Irwin, Mirah, Mount Eerie, Papa M, Nikaido Kazumi, Ben Vida and many more. She has performed at clubs, galleries, and DIY spaces around the world and venues such as the Centre de Pompdou, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hammer Museum, the New Museum, and All Tomorrow’s Parties. Her most recent album, Where Shine New Lights was released on Kranky records in 2014.
The Supreme Dicks were a band like many others that came and went in the early ’90’s without much fanfare. Actually that could be because they really started in the Mid ’80’s in Western Massachusetts,  without much fanfare, except for campus security always trying to shut them down. And they really never ended in the ’90’s and without much fanfare, continue on today. They did release 3 full length albums in the ’90’s, one of which apparently made it onto the “Top 500” list in a book that they had previously never heard of called “Gimmie Indie Rock”   Here is the excerpt…
Today,  they are a totally different band….
Lonesome Leash is the solo moniker of accordionist/multi-instrumentalist Walt McClements. Known for previous involvement in bands Dark Dark Dark, Hurray for the Riff Raff, and Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship?, Lonesome Leash is an immaculately disheveled solo affair of future-rustic epic folk songs.” 
Admission is your non-monetary donation to the FREE bar or the FREE boutique.  Suggested items include: beer to share, summer dresses, pizza, sneakers, homemade soup, large pots for our growing plants, medium pots for new plants, books for our new library.  NO $2 CHUCK.
please park on the street.