Toolbox, Lightning, Ladder: Creating a Roadmap for Your Creative Goals (Workshop with Diana Rivera)
Saturday, Oct 12 2013
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Workshop with Diana Rivera
$45- Please pre-register/ pre-pay online here.
Please bring: comfortable stretchy clothing, paper, pen, water, a smile.

Are you feeling the intensity of your dreams yet desire a creative way to plan? Are you feeling stuck in your vision and know you desire more insight in a dynamic workshop format? This powerful 3-hour long workshop led by me, Diana Rivera, will bring together a committed group of creative professionals to get down-and-deep with their personal and professional roadmaps!

You will:
–Learn about the 3 S’s that get creativity into productivity
–Develop a physical roadmap for your personal and professional success
–Create action steps to move it forward Reflect with an empowered and productive artist community

About the Teacher:
Diana Rivera is a leading coach, facilitator and specialist in the psychology of creativity. She uses creative practices, coaching models and contemporary research in psychology to create profound purpose and direction for her students and clients.  She works one-on-one and in group settings as a coach to creative professionals.  She also develops innovative multi-week, arts integration programs for children, adolescents and professional development for teachers, and programs for nonprofit and for-profit organizations on creative process, collaboration and enhanced communication.