Towards a Trans Inclusive Feminism
Intersectionality NOW
Monday, Mar 20 2017
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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For this community discussion, we’re challenging the cis-centric nature of feminist organizing and practice. How can we work towards a more inclusive (expansive) definition of womanhood?
Can trans women be empowered by reclaiming words used to degrade all femmes? What language and symbols is it time to discard? What language has yet to be invented? What do all femmes gain by centering transfeminism in a movement for women’s rights? We invite trans women to frame the conversation.
Facilitated by Jennicet Gutierrez (Familia TQLM), an. cinquepalmi, Yocheved Zenaida-Cohen, and Amanda-Faye Jimenez, and hosted by Intersectionality NOW. This event is open to both trans women and their allies, but the space will be trans & WOC-centric. Please be mindful of the amount of space you take up as a cis and/or white person at this event.
Intersectionality NOW is a collective that believes FEMINISM NOW must be intersectional (we reject hierarchies based on race, class, gender, ability, sexuality, or age) & that it must work to AMPLIFY the most marginalized women & that it must learn to listen and to check its privilege. We want our feminism to be fun but also make us uncomfortable. We want our feminism decolonized, inclusive, and international. With better slogans & cooler signs.
Image by Jakrit Patchimanon