True Tie Dye
Sunday, Jun 9 2013
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Tie and Dye: Summer Colors
Color your wardrobe and fabrics with an unlikely palette
$50 – includes a prepared white tee shirt and bamboo socks
Walk-ins welcome! Or pre-register here.
Kids under 14 come for free!

Who hasn’t noticed the gorgeous flowers all over LA this spring? Create your own lush fabrics inspired by California’s color stimuli. We will knot, bind, fold, and sew our fabrics in order to saturate them with a wide palette of fiber reactive dyes, making original tie and dye pieces. If you’ve never made your own tie dye, be prepared to unwrap gifts…when the bound cloth is untied, even the most intricate planner will be pleasantly surprised by the outcomes from the melding hues.

White tee shirts will be supplied. If you have a piece of clothing that needs a face lift please pre-wash it and bring it: clothing and miscellany made of cotton, wool, or silk are welcome. Please no sheets/large towels/curtains/duvets or anything that rivals a fridge in scale.