Marbles Jumbo Radio
Saturday, Feb 20 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
$10-$25 sliding scale via Venmo or PayPal. non-BIPOC community members are encouraged to contribute additional funds to support free participation for BIPOC. Register

Bookings are closed for this event.

MJR (marbles jumbo radio) guides this 90 minute deep dive into mind, body, and groove articulation- an alignment of personal expression and energetic release- drawing from their life long relationship with the tools of rhythm and dance, performance and practice.



MJR offers these sessions for all bodies and all backgrounds who want to deepen their dance practice, while adding some tools for core support, grace, control, energetic articulation, and flow to their style.



MJR also shares in these sessions insights and knowledge on injury prevention, restorative, and strengthening bodywork around and throughout all sessions.



MJR (marbles jumbo radio) contextualizes their work at the intersection of installation, performance, and choreography. Having a life long relationship to dance, they work with movement and the body, as well as clay and photography, as their materials, welding tools, and means of address.



Artist Statement:
When engaged, choreography is a prismatic, multi sided, reflective, angular, spacious, specific, amorphous, and a magical way of seeing the body in space or place. Dance is a resource. Ephemeral, sometimes magical, ever unique, always specific- movement, like a sculpture or thing, is made of many sides sutured together.



Dancing, or to dance, is a form of energetic and rhythmic communication that has the capacity to be used as a political tool, resisting and recalling cultural machinations of past, present, and future. The dancer is doer and witness at once., utilizing presence to influence a range of energetics into situations and address scopic norms. Choreography is a means of writing, to conjure communication between generations and transform culture.



I am always collaborating with other artists and participants. Practices evolve out of thinking with concepts through choreography, tuning attention to what is arising between body, space, and object. This feedback undergirds and efficiates a waxing capacity for thinking-by-way-of-moving to occur.




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Photo by MJR
Photo by Pauline Boudry
Photo by Robbie Sweeny from Meg Wolfe's New Faithful Disco, 2015