unnatural history
Monday, Jun 6 2016
8:30 PM - 8:30 PM

June 6

unnatural history

mikki olson
samantha rehark
laura stinger
asia wong
casey minatrea 
persephone thorn

unnatural history is a dance/theatre experiment calling into question the notion of live theater in the age of social media. It is performed live, however, only two performers are “onstage.” The other three performers are projected from their bedrooms, the new stage of the 21st century. Exploring the seismic shift in how we transmit meaning, the piece is structured in two parts, part one live via the web, part two, entirely in the flesh. 

Part one explores the anti-linear and anti-narrative quality of the internet. The image is supreme and singular moments occur without meaning stretched between them. Part two centers on embodied physical intelligence at a deep physiological level. Information is transmitted as energetic states, in search of unquantifiable, unconsumable, and anti-patriarchal communication.

Admission to this show is a non-monetary donation. Suggestions include: party snacks, party drinks like tasty lite summer beers, clothes for FREE Boutique, hard tennis balls for rolling out, dancer snacks for during rehearsal like sugar free nut butters, rice cakes, avocados, oranges, apples.

Please Park on the Street.