Weightless, Paper Bags, and Magnetic: An Evening of Three Solo Works, a Performance Triptych
Amelia Charter
Saturday, Sep 28 2019
8:30 PM - 10:00 PM
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Visual artists often present work in a series, or in groups of two or three. Deciding to present a performance triptych came from making three works that can both stand on their own and be viewed in relation to one another. 




‘Weightless’ is a choreography of air, movement, and a bed sheet that challenges what is made visible to the eye. The transformations of the bed sheet and the body represent possibilities for both taking and giving life.



‘Paper Bags’ engages viewers with the multiple senses, plays with perceptions of sensuality, and is further inspired by Pulcinella, a commedia dell’ arte character. Georgio Agamben writes that to meditate on Pulcinella is to ask,


“Have I truly lived my life? Or is there still something left in it that I have not been able to live? This unlived is like a faceless stowaway who accompanies me day after day whom I am never able to catch and speak to. How much of my life belongs to me, how much to Pulcinella and how much to others? And what does it mean to live with something unlived?” 



‘Magnetic’ is a site-specific and improvisational performance. It is an inquiry into being pulled and an invitation to notice the night air.




Amelia Charter creates body-based art, using movement, everyday objects, sound, text and site-specific development. Charter received an MFA and fellowship from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Further biography and contact information at ameliacharter.com.

Photo Credit: Blair Bogin, Pictured: Weightless
Photo Credit: Blair Bogin, Pictured: Paper Bags
Photo Credit: Blair Bogin, Pictured: Magnetic