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Wendy Elliott: Authentic Movement
Sunday, Jun 10 2012
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Please join us for a delicious and profound afternoon of practicing the form of Authentic Movement.

Authentic movement is about moving from the inside out, with eyes closed, in the presence of a supportive witness. As a mover, you will have the opportunity to shift your focus inward and follow whatever impulses arise from your body.

Authentic movement is not about performance, self-expression, or even movement exploration. It Is about finding a way to listen to the body and inviting it to be a portal for the unconscious, allowing to emerge what will, suspending judgement for anything at all to happen. It is also about being seen and seeing oneself.

What results can be later use for artistic expression, personal reflection, and spiritual contemplation.

Wendy Elliott originally studied Authentic Movement at the Mary Whitehouse Institute with Janet Adler in the mid-1980’s. She is a long time practitioner and facilitator of this form. Wendy brings depth,wisdom, humor and compassion to her work.