What Happened? What Didn’t? What Remains?
Thursday, Mar 25 2021
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM
FREE. Donations welcome to support Pieter and invited participants Register

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A conversation on some futures of performance writing with the editrixes of Riting.org and friends.


This event will be live-streamed and archived to Pieter’s YouTube channel. You can access the stream by clicking HERE.


Join Ajani Brannum, devika v. wickremesinghe, Olivia Mole, Agnes Borinsky and a few friends for a conversation on the role of performance writing in creative community here in LA. Maybe we’re emerging into something different. What hands do we want to lay on? What can writing do for, with, after performing? Across distance?


Join for questions, reflections, proposals, smaller group conversations, and some experiments in writing.



Riting is an experiment in writing that engages with performance happening now in Los Angeles. Riting is a ground for encounters between artists, their critical community, and the public they belong to. Riting brings together a multiplicity of bodies and a polyphony of voices. Riting supposes there is no definitive untangling. Riting assumes mutuality of investment in the ecology of performance activity in this city.


Founded 2016. 

Emeritus Past Editrix: Jennie Liu, Alana Frey, Tim Reid.
Current editrix: Agnes Borinsky, Ajani Brannum, Olivia Mole, devika v. wickremesinghe



Image courtesy of Riting