When Life Hands You Rehab, Help Yourself: A Novel Sonic.
Saturday, Dec 28 2019
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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This event is curated by Jmy James Kidd at Pieter




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In an attempt to articulate painting, during a four year period without a studio, Dez’Mon has developed novel sonics. In their third and final chapter, Dez’Mon shares with us a transition from visual art to writing to performance to…




Dez’Mon is an interdisciplinary artist and poet living in Long Beach, California; whose work explores self-reflection and the cathartic; achieved through brushless watercolor and ink on washi; collaborative documentary film projects, as well as experimental forms of poetry. Dez’Mon pioneers novel sonics, exploring the use of long-form soundscapes and audio recordings of poetry, riddles, prose, and chants. Public performances are set within large-scale immersive installations consisting of figurative watercolor paintings and poesy sourced from abstractions of the heart and emotional histories of the body.



Photo Credit: Tia Thompson
Photo Credit: Rebecca Richard