Yield, Push, Reach and Pull // A Body-Mind Centering workshop with Gillian McGinty
Saturday, Apr 2 2016
12:00 PM - 3:00 PM
 Saturday April 2
12 – 3 pm

Yield, Push, Reach and Pull: Development and the Movement of Desire
A Body-mind centering based workshop with Gillian McGinty

Sliding Scale of $25 – $45

In the first three years of our lives we learn all of the movement patterns necessary to mobilize ourselves on this planet.  We spend the rest of our lives negotiating them.  In this workshop we will explore some of the earliest movements as they occur in our cells, in reflexes, and in whole body patterns of movement.  We will play with the forces of gravity (earth), antigravity (space) and fluid flow (ocean): discovering the flow of life that begins for us in utero and continues on land as we bond, attach and create relationships with others and the environment.

For adult movers, these movement practices are deeply balancing, restful and healing.  They connect us to new possibilities for fluid grounded movement and resources for creative sourcing.  Come play and explore in a safe and nurturing workshop designed for all abilities.

Gillian McGinty is a choreographer, movement educator, community builder, and Certified Somatic Movement Therapist.  Her movement studies over the past twenty five years have encompassed classical and contemporary dance forms, post-modernism, Body-mind Centering, the Feldenkrais Method, Skinner Releasing Technique, Chi Gong, Yoga, Moving theater and Continuum. She has performed with Bay Area Repertory Dance Theatre, Turning the Wheel Dance Company, Kairos dance and in the WAC department at UCLA.  She was Los Angeles city project manager for Turning the Wheel Dance Company for seven years, which brought dance to inner city schools, senior centers, and veteran’s facilities. Gillian is a Body-Mind Centering practitioner and is the director of Body Focus Studio where she offers private sessions in the Pilates Method of movement reeducation, Body-Mind Centering, Awareness through Movement and Cranial-sacral therapy.

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