Yoga by Feel, Yoga by Flesh
Antonia Price
Sunday, Feb 12 2017
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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Yoga is big. A big, beautiful, intangible, continuous accumulation of forms and styles and philosophy.
This is my contribution.
In this workshop we’ll use sensation to build tangible, tactile connections to hatha yoga alignment. Floor work and and isolation will highlight the fleshy reality of the extensions, rotations, and transitions within asana practice. We’ll look beyond posture names and in to support structures to get a solid feel for the engagement within poses, then take that feeling into related postures and practices building physical awareness applicable beyond each shape.
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Antonia Price
Antonia Price is a longtime yoga instructor, dancer, and fiber artist living and working in LA. She believes in accessibility of movement; holding yoga as a space to experiment, evolve, fall down, and get back up in a supportive community setting.
Photo credit: Michelle Smith Lewis, Pictured: Antonia Price