Introducing: Button Buddies

As safety negotiation continues to be part of our community choreography, Pieter is experimenting with ways to deepen our community practices around safety: Introducing Button Buddies!

Please pick up the appropriate color button for how you’re feeling/what your needs are when you arrive for a Pieter in person program. These Button Buddies are to help us attend to each person’s individual needs and boundaries in a clear and simple way. 


GREEN: Let’s get close!

Some reasons to choose green could be:

“I’m not particularly worried about COVID exposure”

“I need a hug”

“I’m down for all the partner work or close conversations”


YELLOW: Let’s negotiate a little more proximity

Some reasons to choose yellow could be:

“I’m open to sharing more closeness but appreciate being asked what’s comfortable for me”

“I’m feeling cautiously open to proximity”


RED: Please give me extra distance

Some reasons to choose red could be:

I’m feeling hesitant”

 “I or someone close to me is particularly vulnerable to COVID”


We look forward to moving and being with you soon. If you have any questions, please email