Notes from our Welcome to Future Pieter gathering

What we hold valuable about Pieter:

  • Hosting a mix of movement practices that are experimental and inclusive
  • Advocacy for dance and dancer people
  • Offering a holistic space of healing and support
  • Anti-capitalist/non-monetary values
  • Open communication with the community

Questions as we move forward:

  • What are new platforms we can use to enhance our virtual programming/presence?
  • How do we make newcomers (those who do not have a history with our physical space) welcome in the virtual space? What is the role Deep Pieter serves in this?
  • How can we collectively envision performance making and witnessing online?
  • What does it mean for Pieter to support Black Lives Matter?

Ideas for the short term:

  • Free boutique alternatives like a non-monetary swap-meet and community garden
  • Participating in a mutual aid network
  • Rotating program curation
  • Non-dance events such as discussions, lectures, and viewing parties
  • ASL and closed captioning for events

Visions of our future home:

  • A BIG studio, accessible to all bodies, with lots of light
  • A residential space to host visiting artists
  • A kitchen with a big table for meals
  • Kid-friendly spaces
  • A large outdoor space with a garden
  • A library and places to take naps
  • A shower/bathtub/sauna