Pieter Community Check-In: Agenda Notes for February

Miles Brenninkmeijer and Serena Caffrey will be facilitating this month’s meeting. We will hold space at the end for new idea proposals and feedback. 
Garden Group, continuing the process of planning for the Pieter Community Garden
Facilitated by Allison Wyper, Nguyen Nguyen and Priyanka Ram
Updates: The Garden Group volunteers are getting involved more in the ESCG (el sereno community garden) community and helping with their larger projects. Our own plot is coming alive! we have two blackberry plants in and some other seedlings starting to sprout 🙂 If you like to get involved, come to check-in! 
Reading, Watching, Talking Dance — how might virtual Pieter commune over moving ideas?  
Facilitated by Alana Frey
Updates: We are building a virtual index/resource share system for circulating *real books* from the Pieter Library and beyond. All ideas welcome and wanted!!
Communication and Community Building, working on structures for communication and inclusivity in the Pieter Community
Facilitated by Sam Wentz, Alexsa Durrans and Isabella Pilar
A friendly reminder that all community members are welcome to join and the conversation is open and ongoing. No prior participation is necessary